Bronte Tram

Taking its name from a transport stop last frequented in 1960, Bronte Tram, specialising in beautiful furniture and homeware, is one of the district’s most enjoyable places to drop in. Somewhere you can lose yourself, be inspired, admire craftsmanship of the highest order, where new and old world charm meet, where the flavour is distinctly French. The proprietor may not nurse a glass of pastis, but there is a heartwarming feel of a brocante.

Owners Mark and Christine Hanham have been married for 30 years meeting in Sydney during the early 1980s – Mark originally hails from England’s south coast, Christine from New Zealand.

A significant aspect of their craft involves bringing the forgotten back to life, a form of artistic recycling. They work hard to catch the moment, to offer a niche away from the prevailing trends; currently de rigueur are deconstructed couches and beautifully-framed replicas of Bernard Villemot prints. The couple visit Europe twice a year, and always return with fresh ideas and impetus.

They have run Bronte Tram for ten years, Mark had worked as a painter and still works on finishing projects, Christine ran a home-based interior business; skills which align perfectly although Christine admits they have stylistic differences, she prefers a feminine touch, Mark industrial.

“There is nothing better than taking a piece of the furniture to a client’s house, putting it in situ and seeming them happy,” explains Christine, “We also draw a great deal of satisfaction from being able to show people how to bring things together.”

In keeping with fellow Bronte traders, the Hanhams have channelled a passion into a business, a longstanding love of antiques, of rendering an object more contemporary. “Living authentic, living your real life is important,” explains Christine. “Real people don’t try and make out they are something they are not.” At Bronte Tram, each piece of furniture or decor is unique, with its own history of evolution, renovation. A welcome contrast to the world of soulless flatpack furniture.

Having a strong passion and a clear vision is vital getting a business running, as is being at one with your location and the Hanhams are very much at home in Bronte. “I love everything about the area,” explains Christine. “It has good energy, nice people, great cafes, shopping and walks. Being local is the surrounding environment and the people in it.” Bronte Tram, bringing an extra coat of class to the quartier.


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Address 195 Bronte Road, Waverley, 2024, NSW
Phone (02) 9389 1337

Opening Hours
Mon-Sat 10:00am – 5:00pm
Sun 11:00am – 4:00pm