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Skills in furniture design and craftsmanship run deep through the Jarvis blood. “My father worked on the Opera House and the first government house and my great grandfather was a designer/craftsman all through Jarvis Tubular products and had an integral part in many businesses.” David Jarvis is the fourth generation of craftsmen in his family and founder/owner of Elo Silo.

Elo Silo is oriented towards eco-friendly, contemporary design (‘Australian meets Scandinavian’). David’s studio has worked on a number of award-winning residential dwellings and twice been recipient of the Australian Masters Builders Overall House of the Year award. Impressive credentials.

Despite the significant family lineage, David was not always been set for a career in design. After a period of working for his father, he emigrated to London spending five years as a chef and only on his return to Australia, following an apprenticeship in carpentry, did the path clear for his true vocation.

“I would like to be remembered for design which is affordable, beautiful and enjoyed by people. Our approach is minimalist design with quality detail and a focus on sustainable material.” David would love to have designed a piece of furniture for one of his architectural heroes, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, the German-American mastermind behind one of his favourite buildings, the Barcelona Pavilion. His father remains a constructive influence, as does his father-in-law, who David describes as being ‘one of the best stonemasons in Australia’.

David’s is a tiring day, rising at 04:30 to get in a few hours before a family breakfast with his two young boys ahead of a long stint in the office. Family is an important part of his career and life. Within the local community, he has launched the Ali Jarvis memorial classic in memory of his brother. The cause takes the shape of a surf competition in Mona Vale with money donated to the Sydney Community Foundation for young people with rare debilitating diseases.

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