Three Blue Ducks

‘The place for lovers of real food’, the Three Blue Ducks celebrated its fourth birthday in September and continues to move with the times as one of Bronte’s most personable and popular haunts.

“Bronte has pride, a sense of community and is supportive of local businesses,” reveals Sam Reid-Boquis, one of the three original founders of the restaurant and a Bronte native. This group of likeminded friends – Sam, Chris, Mark, Jeff and Darren – work as a genuine team, feeding off each other’s strengths and encouraging their staff to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. This investment in their employees’ well-being fosters an environment where everyone feels part of the business, one of pride and passion, in a spirit of variation. “We are not scared of change,” explains Sam. “Change is great, we don’t want to get stuck in our ways, we adapt to seasonal produce but we also focus on consistency.”

“We didn’t see it as work at the beginning,” continues Sam. “We worked hard but it was about building something special. Some of us are gung ho and some are handbrakes but we are all surfers, easygoing, wanting to enjoy a good lifestyle and make things work that way.”

At the Three Blue Ducks everything is sourced as locally as possible, is sustainable and environmentally conscious. A message spread into the community with initiatives like Grow It Local, the planting of footpath herb gardens and the turning of the restaurant’s organic waste into compostable material for local community gardens. Produce grows and the cycle begins again.

The restaurant’s location just above Bronte Beach makes it a natural spot for surfers, a group who inspired the restaurant’s moniker. As the story goes, back in the day the young grommets – in their quest to steal a ‘romantic’ moment – used to persuade girls to walk with them up the gully on the pretense of seeing the ‘blue ducks’. A tale passed on through the generations, a tangible and amusing link to the community’s heritage.

These five talented individuals and the three blue ducks continue to shape the local landscape with ideas for the future comprising community workshops and lessons in cooking and farming. “For us its about community,” closes Sam, “having the support of your friends and people you see every day.”


My Local
Four fourteen
Marys in Newtown (rock n roll bar)
Ruby’s Diner
Nelson Road Tuck Shop (the one on the corner)
Bronte Gully, the Ocean

Address 141-143 Macpherson st, Bronte NSW 2024
Phone 02 9389 0010

Opening Hours
Sun/Mon/Tue 7:00 am – 3:30pm
Wed-Sat 7:00am – 12:00am