Turbo Studio

At the age of 33, Jo Palazzetti spent 130 dollars on a friend’s bike, pedalled every day around Centennial Park and discovered a love for cycling which would inspire today’s successful business venture.

Jo’s Turbo Studio in Randwick is an ideal environment for triathletes and cyclists to train; the large screen simulators, the hypnotic gush of the spinning wheels, the boisterous graffitied walls provide a mesmerising setting for the rows of perspiring brows, strained smiles and gritted teeth of a loyal client base which comprises high-achieving sponsored athletes.

“Our approach is very consistent,” explains Jo. “It’s friendly with a sense of humour and good old-fashioned customer service. We genuinely care about our clients’ lives and goals. I am blessed I get people in their happy time and if they arrive in a bad mood, they leave in a good one.” Turbo was founded by Jo in 2009 with the help of a core group of friends from the Sydney cycling scene. She openly admits it has not always been free riding, and like many a cyclist on one of Turbo’s trainers, she has come close to throwing in the towel. Persistence, faith and a steely determination have got her through the hard times.

“Anyone can ride the coattails of success it’s how long you are able to sit through the quiet times,” reveals Jo, born in the northeast of England before emigrating to Perth at the age of 10. “Tripping up is part of success. I don’t get flustered, I think in the small business world you need a healthy degree of narcissism. You have to not care what people think of you and put yourself out there.”

Growing up, she dreamed of being a PanAm stewardess and today jokes that in some respect she has reached this goal: walking the aisles, greeting and servicing the clients, catering to their needs.

“The business is a reflection of me,” admits Jo. “I have met many incredible people along the way. Every day is different, I love what I’m doing.” Today her network comprises 14 highly-talented sponsored athletes who, benefitting from the studio’s optimum training facilities, raise awareness through their feats of brilliance in competition. It’s a win, win relationship.

This is not the only way Jo has given back to the community. She is a longtime supporter of both White Ribbon and Bravehearts charities.


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Centennial Park

Address 2 Carrington Rd, Randwick NSW 2031 (Cnr Darley Road & Hooper Lane)
Phone 0424 875 425
Website turbostudio.com.au

Opening Hours
Tue-Fri 9:00am – 5:00pm
Sat 9:00am – 2:00pm